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Etern is an electronic band formed in 1994 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and its genre is synthpop, structured based on ‘80s age’ with melodic themes, modern sequenced lines, and dense vocals.

The band consists of Mauricio XV (songwriter, lead vocals, keyboards) and many other contributors over time. Special thanks to Marcelo Gallo, Marcelo Martin, Fernando Cardoso, Fabio Amato, and Renata Franco.

In April 1994, the band released a demo tape containing the following tracks: Ways to Nowhere (aka Ways), Leaving Again, Effective Anthology (aka Even the Purity), Lost in Time, Another Day and Experience (aka Sometimes).

In June 1994, the band had the demo track Ways to Nowhere as an opening session track at radio program ZenZor, performed by Eneas Neto at radio FM 97.

In July 1994, Etern performed live at SubZone Columbia in Sao Paulo, as the opening act for the band Volv Uncion. At that performance, XV counted with the participation of Marcelo Martin (vocals and keyboards) and Fabio Amato (Electronic Percussion).

The band released two singles in 1997, Mystery Girl and One of Them (feat. Renata Franco and Marcelo Gallo) and participated in a music compilation tribute to New Order called Essence released by Cri Du Chat Disques and Eldorado and The The Records, performing Touched by the Hand of God.

After a hiatus of over 20 years, the album Gratitude was released in December 2018 by Wave Records and distributed by NOVA MD GmbH. The album has 16 tracks covering the band’s best material, as well as a few songs unreleased by Pitch Yarn of Matter.

In the last quarter of 2019, the band released three remix singles, performed by renowned Brazilian synth-pop bands: High (Technique Remix) by Technique, Senseless (P.Y.M. Sense Remix) by Pitch Yarn of Matter and Gratitude (Lore Ride Remix) by Lore.

In March 2020, the track High (Technique Remix) was included in the compilation Isolated released by Wave Records and distributed by NOVA MD GmbH.

In the universe of electronic music, its main influencers are Depeche Mode, New Order, Clan of Xymox, Trisomie 21, among many other great bands such as Lassigue Bendthaus, De-Vision, Beborn Beton, and Moderat.

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