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Gratitude album is a collection which brings together the band’s best materials and inspires an existential reflection in all its tracks. The track Ways opens the album bringing the perspective that, if there is hope there is a way out, and in it, a new path. The track Gratitude names the album and reflects that, when life is full of challenges and difficulties, gratitude is key to peace of mind.

Produced by Marcelo Gallo (PYM, Wave Records) and co-produced by Etern. Artwork by Hernan Czauski. Photography by Aline Miranda.

1st Home Studio 002.jpg

Home studio in 1994. So much less technology... (but I do miss my Jupiter 6!!!)

electronic music using:

Ableton Live, Access (Virus B), Arturia (Drumbrute, V Collection 7), DSI (Mopho, Tetra), Korg (ARP Odyssey,  EX-800, MS2000R), Moog (Slim Phatty, Voyager), Nord (Rack 2), Novation (Bass Station Rack, Ultranova), Roland (D-550, JD-800, JP-8080, JU-06A, JX-8P, MKS-7, MKS-80, R-70, SH-01A, SH-101, XP-50), Vermona (DRM III, Mono Lancet) and Yamaha (CS-15, TX-7).

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