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Gratitude album is a collection which brings together the band’s best materials and inspires an existential reflection in all its tracks. The track Ways opens the album bringing the perspective that, if there is hope there is a way out, and in it, a new path. The track Gratitude names the album and reflects that, when life is full of challenges and difficulties, gratitude is key to peace of mind.



is a Brazilian electronic music band formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1994.


Originally formed as a project by Mauricio XV and invited musicians, the band currently consists of him (songwriter, lead vocals, keyboards) and Marcello Gallo (producer, keyboards, and backing vocals).


The sound is characterized by strong melodic bases, modern sequenced lines, and dense vocals. Its lyrics propose a spiritual reflection and talk about existence, hope, love, resilience, and all emotions related to those themes.

The band had many other contributors over time. Special thanks to Marcelo Martin, Fabio Amato, Renata Franco, Fernando Cardoso, and more recently Bibiana Graeff.

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